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photograph of Catherine Fonollera

Catherine Fonollera: WTR Governor

Supervises and mentors Given Of Grace. Also brings the counsel of experience in administration, community and capacity development, landcare and watershed management and local knowledge of WTR's various outreaches.

Email: wtr `'dot'` community `'at'` gmail `'dot'` com

photograph of Elizabeth Hatch

Elizabeth Hatch: Volunteer Chaplain

Brings skills of spiritual healing, management, fund-raising, construction and infrastructure.

Email: chaplain `'dot'` gog `'at'` human-interest `'dot'` org

photograph of Gojko Ljepojevic

Gojko Ljepojevic: Volunteer Recorder

Brings skills in research, spirituality and well-being, graphic design.

Email: recorder `'dot'` gog `'at'` human-interest `'dot'` org

photograph of Cromwell Hooper

Cromwell Hooper: Volunteer Chancellor

Brings experience in Cultural Security, programme development, administration and diplomacy

'Phone: +61 4 8135 7316

Email: chancellor `'dot'` gog ``at`` human-interest `'dot'` org

photograph of Nadia Totaro

Nadia Totaro: Companion

Brings skills and experience in graphic design and property management

Email: nadia `'dot'` totaro `'at'` gmail `'dot'` com

photograph of William McKenzie

William McKenzie: Associate

Brings skills and experience in implementing programmes, capacity building, civic leadership and support networks.

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