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The easiest test to fail, is to judge what you do not know or understand, just because someone is a bit different. Gifts come in many shapes and forms in the human but God gives all gifts to all people. Its His call.

It is Given of Grace's cherished notion that every single one of God's creatures has a positive contribution to make to help improve the lot of their fellow creature, including helping those who are striving for these goals, and could be anything from lending your skills or knowledge from your experience, to donations of goods, services or funds.

If in glancing over the this page you do not recognise any of your own skills or experience listed, then chances are your gifts, by the very virtue of they having been missed here, may well have been overlooked by those adminstrating Given Of Grace, and chances are you will be able to improve situ ations in ways that have not even been thought of yet. Sometimes a few simple words of advice or friendly criticism can make all the difference, so please feel most welcome to contact us regarding finding / creating the appropriate niche for you.

Consider us in your discussions with God, intercede on Given Of Grace's behalf for the wisdom and perseverance to contribute more effectively towards a better world for all.

Cultural Security
Recording of language, stories and songs in writing and audio, preserving access to and maintenance of tribal lands and waters and their flora/fauna, fostering re-introduction of ancient technologies.

Air, Earth and Water
Soil technology and biodiversity, watershed preservation, agricultre and horticulture, vermiculture, crop management, training and working with animals

Abilities in planning, designing, facilitating and/or delivering training packages, anything to bridge the gap between eager intentions and educated actions.

Ability to translate and/or interpret can help leverage the efforts of just about every other Given Of Grace's members or branches.

Diagrams and illustrations to enhance training documents, project signage, seminar/workshop instructions, etc. Sculpture and carving, music composition and performance, any artistic endeavours that can break down barriers and build up relations.

Counsel to work effectively within all legal frameworks from local and indigenous planning to sensitive international and sovereign concerns

Accountancy, financial infrastructure, fiscal and monetary strategies to protect small impoverished communities, fundraising

Medicine, nutrition, exercise, counselling, botanical pharmacology

Information and Communications Technology
Telecommunications, networking, extreme conditions hardware platforms and their deployment, software development, research

Accounts, records, liaison and diplomacy, projects management, statutory requirements - contact us for details to join one of our chapters.

Civil and construction; electrical and electronic; mechanical and marine; solar, hydro and wind-turbine power.

Donate monies for any of our projects, or for any of the above facets of our operations. Contact us for details on how to contribute, or you could deposit directly through PayPal. Our PayPal account is


or deposit directly in to our account:

The Given Of Grace Foundation
Bank of Queensland CRANBOURNE
BSB: 124 001
ACCOUNT: 22135464

NOTE: please specify, in the comments or reference section of your transfer, what projects or programmes you want your donation to be directed towards. Otherwise, leave these sections blank if you would prefer to simply donate to the Foundation's administration costs.

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