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About Given Of Grace

Take the time to open your eyes and see who needs your compassion, your heart and your mercy. Open your mouth and share your heart. Bring joy to all with a smile and thank God for His Grace. - Elizabeth Hatch

These are the words that inspired a band of charitably-minded Christians to rise to the challenge of opening their mouths, sharing their hearts and all that these entail to form the channels required to network His abundant opportunities to help those who make the stand to face and overcome the problems of this world.

Given of Grace labours under the vision and mission of Wiggling Toes Roses, a vision of collossal scope where we all strive to help each other help others, where skills and experience shine only where they enable others to shine, and so, gather together to support those who are addressing the truly worthwhile challenges of life, that is, those of improving the lives of their fellow-creatures.

If the ethos of Giving of Grace strikes a sympathetic chord in you and you envisage a role for yourself in this movement then take a glance at our help-page and if anything strikes your fancy then get in touch with us, or just contact us anyway, every one of God's creatures has a gift to give to fellow creature and we strongly cherish any opportunity to give people opportunities to help others.

Labour while there is light ... Given of Grace logo ... the night commeth, when no man can work.